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We might just be getting an affordable Macbook, iMac and iPad in the fall 2018 Apple event

Apple Event

We are no stranger to the Apple event that’s going to happen on 30 October. Much speculation has been circulating on the web regarding what Apple might unveil next. Several rumors have hinted a few Mac products coming our way including MacBook, iMac, iPad Pro, and an Apple Watch too.

Apple has registered to sell new devices

Just when we thought we had the fall event figured out, a new report has resurfaced. According to a filing at the Eurasian Economic Commission’s product registry, Apple has requested permission to sell new computers. If you are unaware of the term EEC, it is an organization that regulates and approves the marketing of electronic products on the Eurasian Economic Union grounds.


The filing has been translated from French from the website and includes a few macOS 10.14 running Macs. A series of macOS 10.14 MacBooks were also listed, among which the A1932 model has been found in prior listings too. We are sure that its a laptop model code. However, the only new entries in the list are A1993, A2115, and A2116. This means we can expect at least three new Apple products to be unveiled on October 30.

Moreover, according to another report, a K-12 education order for some Mac products placed recently by a customer was delayed. The order included a MacBook Air, iPad and Apple Pencil out of which only the iPad and Apple Pencil were received. The shipment of MacBook Air was delayed by Apple to 30 October, which sounds far from a coincidence.

Reminiscing to the predictions made by the supply chain analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, the upcoming MacBook could be a replacement for the existing MacBook Air. The said device is to feature a 13-inch Retina display, replacing the nebulous and outdated display of the MacBook Air. It is also predicted to be embedded with Intel’s latest 9th generation chipset. To top it off, the entire package will be wrapped with a $1200 worth of bow. On another bright note, we’d be getting the older MacBook model for just $999.

But, there is still so much that we can presume at the moment. In just 5 more days we’d have all the answers about the MacBook upgrades that we have been giddily waiting for.

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