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Alienware m15 – The First Thin and Light Alienware Gaming Laptop


Whenever you think about the perfect gaming machine, whether you are a user or not – the name Alienware comes to mind. Known for their robustness – the Dell’s Alienware series is unmatchable in terms of their gaming performance. Despite having a reputation as the ‘jocks’ of laptops, Alienware is stepping out of its horizon. With its latest release, Alienware m15, the company has tried to make a sleeker and more compact laptop. This means that apart from being complete gaming monsters, the Alienwares will not be left out of the sleek and slim series.

The body of the new Alienware m15 is made from a magnesium and copper alloy. Dell claims the Alienware m15 to be the trimmest gaming machine with its sides measuring at 0.8 inch and a total weight of 4.8 pounds.


The Machine

Slim design

The entire structure of the laptop has been cut and clipped. The bezel is slimmer than its predecessors, the keypad has been changed to a chiclet design and keys are finer around the edges. But all this chopping off has come with a small price. Turns out that the bulkiness of the machine helped to fend off overheating. Now with a sleeker version, the chances of exhausting heat look slimmer as well.


Back to the good parts, the machine’s insides hold an 8th Generation Intel Core i5-8300H and i7-8750H processor. For the GPU, the Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 Ti, 1060 OC or 1070 Max-Q are hosted in different models. It’s commendable how Dell has maintained the performance standard of Alienwares and then some. According to sources, Alienware m15 can deliver nearly 50% better gaming performance than the Alienware 13. So, the shedding of weight costs no performance loss in comparison with the older Alienware 15 laptop.


For some reason, I have always been fond of the backlit keyboard of Alienwares. They looked like the only vibrant aspect of an otherwise tank-like posture of the laptop. The device sports a new mSeries keyboard inside with dedicated numeric pad and has a 1.4mm traveling keys with individually programmable RGB backlighting.

The lighting option is spread across four other zones which include Alienware logo on the lid, sides and the power button. It gives complete support for the Alienware Command Center.

Alienware m15 launch event image
Alienware m15 | Image – cnet

Other than that, the Alienware hosts a generous selection of ports, spread around its sides and the back. On the machine, you’ll find an HDMI 2.0 output, a USB-C connector with Thunderbolt 3, a mini DisplayPort 1.3 jack and the power port. Giving special attention to the Alienware external GPU (eGPU), there is a dedicated port just for its connection.

Standby power

Another impressive factor is the battery on the new Alienware m15. The juice can last up to 17 hours on the optional 90 watt hour battery in idle state. Even 13 hours with the standard 60 watt hour battery is quite commendable. The final verdict on the battery life remains to be tested though until we review this laptop.

Now about the Bucks

The m15 will be available in two different color options, Nebula Red and Epic silver.

The Alienware m15 comes with a starting price of $1,299 which is for the most basic, yet adequately powerful version. You can however opt for impressive upgrade options in terms of battery capacity, memory, and storage. Users can load it up with a memory of up to 32GB of DDR4 (clocked at 2666 MHz), and up to two 1TB PCIe, M.2 SSD drives. About the display, the m15 will have three different variants: 1080p 144Hz IPS panel (300 nits), 1080p 60Hz IPS panel (300 nits), and 4K 60Hz IPS panel (400 nits).

The laptop will be available for sale on October 25, 2018. You can get yours from Dell or other retail stores!

Now that Alienware is out of the chunky laptop category with more than impressive hardware specs, it is a perfect go-to machine for gamers, students, and professionals alike.

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