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The HP Omen 15 Is the First Gaming Laptop Equipped with a 240Hz Display

HP-Omen-15-2019 with 240Hz Display

The latest HP Omen 15 means serious business. Unveiled first at CES 2019, HP’s latest Omen 15 gaming laptop comes equipped with a 15.6-inch 1080p IPS display with a 240Hz refresh rate and a 4ms latency. This makes it the first-ever gaming laptop released in the world to have such a display. But, of course, HP also made sure that, under the hood, the laptop itself won’t lag behind its phenomenal screen.

Hardware Specifications

The HP Omen 15 will feature an 8th-Gen Intel Core i7-8750H processor, 16GB of DDR4 RAM, and an RTX 2070 Max-Q mobile GPU from NVIDIA. It will also come shipped with modest storage space; the Omen 15 will use a 120GB M.2 SSD as its primary drive and a 1TB 7,200-rpm hard for some extra storage space. Finally, to make the Omen 15 easier to upgrade, HP decided to include a single-access panel at the bottom to make it easier to swap out the hard drive, SSD, and RAM, down the line.


Design and Weight

HP decided not to mess much with the design when it comes to the Omen 15.

Sporting the same red-and-black look that consumers have come to associate with their gaming laptops, the Omen 15 should fit quite right in with its predecessors. Even if the exterior is made entirely from plastic, it doesn’t stop the Omen 15 from exuding a more premium look, albeit one that still has a gamerish aesthetic.

Besides, not everything is plastic. Inside, the Omen 15 has an aluminum interior deck and a backlit keyboard with four zones of customization.

Clocking in at just 5.3 pounds and 14.2 x 10.4 x 1-inch overall, the HP Omen 15 is slightly lighter yet thicker compared to its contemporaries. For comparison, the ASUS ROG GU501 weighs 5.4 pounds but is just 0.7 inches thick. Meanwhile, the Dell G715 weighs 6.3 pounds and is just slightly thinner at 0.9 inches.

A Display Built Solely for Gaming

Of course, the most hyped upgrade to the latest HP Omen 15 isn’t the hardware nor the interior and exterior design. Rather, it’s the gaming laptop’s display.

To better cater to the hardcore gamers of today, HP equipped the Omen 15 with a 15.6-inch IPS display with a 240Hz refresh rate and a 4ms latency — a massive improvement over the 144Hz display of the previous iteration. In doing so, HP made the Omen 15 the first gaming laptop of its kind on the market.


The new HP Omen 15 will start shipping out to retail stores in February starting at a $1,369 price point. However, these models will come with a different display and a still-unannounced “NVIDIA Graphics” mobile GPU. Those who are keen on having the 240Hz version will have to wait until July.

We currently don’t have pricing for the 240Hz version of the new Omen 15 as of yet.

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