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Microsoft launches Surface Laptop 2 – Stylish and More Powerful

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Just like the Surface Pro 6, Microsoft has not played around much with the design of its Surface Laptop. A similar device has been released as its sequel – the Surface Laptop 2. Don’t get me wrong, it definitely does not mean that the Surface Laptop 2 doesn’t pack some exciting new features.

Laptop in Black

Adding a classier touch to its recent Surface device unveiling, Microsoft confirmed the all-black rumors a few hours prior to the event. The all black series was certainly awaited by pro laptop users (yes Apple geeks too) but Microsoft jumped at the opportunity first. But despite the deep and suave dark appearance the chassis cannot mask the fingerprints like all other aluminum body laptops.


The keyboard is quite impressive though. Much quieter and smoother than the Surface Laptop and other Microsoft predecessors. This makes it the perfect device to take notes in silent office and classroom settings.

What the Surface Laptop 2 does

Coming to what’s inside the beautiful black finish, Microsoft has installed new quad-core 8th generation processors from Intel. We all know this means a major boost in the overall performance of the laptop. 85% to be exact, as claimed by Microsoft. The Surface Laptop 2 hasn’t lost its signature Alcantara fabric keyboard, adding an element of warmth and comfort for its users. The laptop has a 13.5-inch display, supports touch and a resolution of 2,2256 x 1,506 PixelSense display. The 3:2 aspect ratio minimizes scrolling and adds productivity while going about your daily tasks.

The Surface Laptop 2 boasts a 47 watt-hour battery that can juice up to 14.5 hours of battery life. Quite impressive if compared to the 10 hour charge of MacBook Pro. Seems like Microsoft might be aiming to dethrone Apple’s flagship notebooks.

Since Microsoft claims to have re-engineered the entire electronics of the machine, the need for having cooling fans in the laptop goes out the window. Given the reduced overload on the system of running the fans, the impressive battery life kind of pans out.

But then again, the absence of USB Type-C port in the laptop makes absolutely no sense, depending solely on the single USB-A, Mini DisplayPort, and for power and docking – the Microsoft’s Surface Connector port. Good thing the 3.5mm headphone jack is still there.

When can you get it

The starting bid for the Microsoft Surface Laptop 2 is from $999 (for the basic model). It is up for pre-grab now at Best Buy and Microsoft Store and launching officially on October 16. Coming packed with an 8th gen (Kaby Lake Refresh), quad-core Intel Core i5 processor, a 128GB of SSD space and an 8GB of memory.

If you are a tech geek, boost the specs up to Intel Core i7 processors, up to 1TB of SSD space and as much as 16GB of memory for the price going up to $2,700. Of course with the same screen in this package.

Same as the Surface Pro 6, the Surface Laptop 2 comes in 4 exciting shades. Black (new), Burgundy, Platinum, and Cobalt blue.

Microsoft Surface Laptop 2 - All New Color Options

Final word

The striking and eye-catching design is a huge plus. Even if you are not a Surface fan, the cool appearance will draw you to at least explore the device even if you don’t buy it.

Weighing just 2.76 lbs and with a comfortable keyboard, it’s a dream to carry around your entire day. Also, the massive battery life and the high tech processing capabilities easily put the Surface Laptop 2 amongst the list of best next-gen notebook series.

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