Top 10 Best 13 Inch Laptops – The Most Recommended Portable Laptops of 2019

3 thoughts on “Top 10 Best 13 Inch Laptops – The Most Recommended Portable Laptops of 2019”

  1. Maricel says:

    I’m torn between Dell XPS 13 and LG Gram 13. I will be doing photo and some video editing. Which would you recommend? Thank you.

    1. Mike Johnson says:

      If you need a touchscreen with full HD resolution display, then LG Gram 13 is the easy choice, as XPS 13 offers touchscreen with 4K display only and it’s very costly. As far as color accuracy is concerned, LG Gram 13 is slightly ahead covering 128% of sRGB color gamut while XPS 13 covers 117%. Not a huge difference, but it does matter as you would be using it for editing photos. If you would be using your laptop outdoors or in highly lit areas, then Dell XPS 13 would be the better choice as its display is brighter at 372 nits than the LG Gram’s 307 nits bright display. Both the laptops are very good overall, and despite these small differences, both are very good picks for photo editing and occasional video editing work.

      1. Maricel says:

        Thank you so much 😊

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