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What does Apple hold for us with their iPad Pro in the Fall 2018 event?

Edge to edge screen on a purported iPad Pro.@ONLEAKS

After the release of iOS 12, it has been widely believed that Apple will be holding a Fall event for revealing some of its latest innovations. From Apple holding back on iPad devices in their September release event to the subtle reference in iOS 12.1 of ‘iPad2018Fall’, we are quite sure that we see a new iPad Pro somewhere between October and November.

A very cool display

After the massive success of edge-to-edge screens on the iPhone X, it only makes sense that Apple might want to expand its obtainability. The 2018 refresh of iPad Pro is rumored to lose the Home button and include the slim bezels as well. Which of course, comes with the edge to edge package.


Although the overall size of the screen is still a mystery, Apple did accommodate bigger screen with the same footprint in their iPhone X. We are hoping for the same to be the case with iPad Pro 2018.

It reads your face

The rumored use of Face ID is also an interesting addition – similar to the latest iPhones. It will probably be using the same image signal processor as the iPhone XS. Despite the extra slim bezels, Apple has managed to adjust a TrueDepth camera system necessary for Face ID recognition and that too without a notch.

The Face ID will be able to work in portrait and landscape modes (a feature that is still lacking in the iPhones) but will be useless when the device is held upside down. Doesn’t seem like a problem, to be honest. Who uses their device upside down?

UPDATE: 10/26/18

As posted by Guilherme Rambo in a tweet, the face ID feature is confirmed to work in both orientations. The leak references a few lines of code from the setup of iOS 12.1 beta that calls for the users to “Lift and Rotate iPad”. This is a part of Apple’s device setup app that would allow users to unlock their iPads in both landscape and portrait orientations. 

An option of “Set up Later in Settings” is also provided to allow users to change their preferences after the initial setup is complete.

Bye Lightning port and Hello 4K streaming

A risque move by Apple is getting rid of their Lightning connector, according to sources. Bringing the USB-C into the picture, the iPad Pro will be able to support fast charging and output 4K HDR video to external displays.  The settings panel will allow users to control the usability and accessibility of the external devices. However, the thought of using those irritating dongles for connecting various devices might leave a bad taste in your mouth. But it does give the iPad a very PC like experience.

Moreover, its an appreciable upgrade since the previous versions of the tablet were only able to push 1080p HD video to external displays. That too using the £49 ($49) Lightning Digital AV Adapter accessory.

The pencil is new too

The pencil is one of the very compelling accessories by Apple. Tweaking its design can go either amazingly right or disappointingly wrong. From the rumors although, it seems like the Pencil for iPad Pro will be free of the Lightning cable bounds. Like the AirPods, it will be connected through proximity. It only makes so much sense – a pencil away from a certain distance from the device is useless anyway.

A Magnetic Connector on the back

Turns out that for even more accessibility, Apple is expected to be adding a magnetic connector at the back of the device for connecting certain external accessories. This brand new addition will be able to work with almost every third-party iPad accessory, for instance, the Smart Keyboard.

UPDATE: 10/12/18

The fastest in the race:

New reports have resurfaced regarding the processing power of the rumored tablet. According to 9to5Mac Apple is planning on embedding the A12X chip in their next iPad Pro update. Now if this update is legit, this would mean that the iPad Pro might just have knocked iPhone X and iPhone XS over (using the A12 processor) as the fastest Apple devices.

Its also speculated that the A12 processor will be accompanied with an even powerful A12 X GPU which is a cherry on top. According to past reports, the A12 X processor is codenamed  “Vortex”. The name Apple usually accredits it processors are synonymous to of the word ‘wind’ like Zephyr or Bionic. The A12 and A12X being given a slightly significant title might just be an indication about their out of the box performance. We have already seen the A12 capabilities with the latest iPhone X series and it’s just as good as Apple claimed it would be. The A12X being an upgrade would only mean that Apple will be surpassing the expectations of its users once again.

UPDATE: 10/16/18

The slimmest yet but with a catch

According to the latest leaks regarding Apple’s upcoming iPad Pro 2018, it’s going to overthrow the already sleek iPad Pro 10.5 from 6.1 mm to an impressive 5.9mm. If true, this is going to be a historical unveiling in all of Apple releases as this is the slimmer they have ever gone with a tablet or a phone for that matter.

The trimming of thickness as expected does not come without shedding a few features. With Apple running wild with eliminating all kinds of ports, the 3.5mm headphone jack was it for the iPad Pro 2018. The source of this new information is Twitter user CoinCoin. He has managed to maintain a proven track record in releasing reliable Apple leaks and started some of them back in September regarding the iPhone XS.

Of course no headphone jack on the upcoming new iPad. 5.9mm thickness is pretty good though.

The change might not be a major shock to iPad users as true Apple lovers have already borne through the loss with iPhone 7 back in 2016. Considering the company’s massive profit drivers have been their AirPods and wearables devices, it was only a matter of time until Apple decided to adopt the same design with their iPads.

Much like the handset series, it appears that Apple users will be handling the same dongle baggage with iPads as well in 2018.

UPDATE: 10/18/18

Apple has finally confirmed their Fall Event date and it’s October 30 (Read full story)

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