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Pixel Slate might make a lasting first impression with dual boot Windows 10

Image: The Next Web

There’s only a week left before the ‘Made by Google’ event which is the grand launch of Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL smartphones. Nonetheless, techies are also psyched about the unveiling of Pixel Slate and more so because it is rumoured to dual boot Windows 10.

But why do we think so?

It was revealed in the Chromium documentation that surfaced sometime in July, a commit that mentions ‘Nocturne‘ a.k.a Pixel Slate along with Windows 10.


“Windows 10 will BSOD early during boot with the way things are currently laid out.”

This might just mean that Windows 10 might appear in a future Chromebook model. But with the upcoming Google event and the rumors about Pixel Slate, it only makes so much sense that these two might come in a package.

Another Chromium code commit suggests renaming ‘alt-os’ to ‘dual boot’. This seems like good enough evidence to raise speculations about a dual boot OS related to this project.

Add select_os, rename ‘alt os’ to ‘dual boot’.

Add campfire specific image resources

‘Alt-OS’ a.k.a ‘Project Campfire’ believed as Google’s project for incorporating dual-booting option and Chrome OS in a single device.

Not too long ago, another commit resurfaced stating:

I’ve got an OS that can’t boot with the way things are currently laid out

With these slight hints, I think it’s safe to assume that Google has been planning this for a while and what better device to inaugurate this feature in than their very own hybrid, Pixel Slate.

Final Verdict for Pixel Slate

Uptil now, only the Pixel Book has officially been declared to have support for both Google OS and Windows 10. With the Pixel Slate having rumored to have the same capabilities, might not necessarily be a mean a good thing. Since Windows 10 already has a vast user base, there is a huge possibility that the Chrome OS might fail in this tablet. Which would be a shame considering that a hybrid convertible tablet, having the robustness to support  Chrome OS, Linux, Android and Windows 10 singularly is a bold yet an impressive move by Google.

But since Google has extended their Chrome OS to support Linux and Android apps, we can see  Chrome OS is rapidly emerging as a powerful and versatile OS.

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